Sound Performance in collaboration with Francesco Tacoli (

Scirocco is the Italian name for the wind that carries Saharan dust across the Mediterranean sea to the whole of Europe every year. In the sound performance and exhibition that fragile moment when the dust settles on the smooth surfaces of the city is examined. Dust becomes an element that builds a bridge between the world of the visible and the invisible. The inves- tigation took us unexpectedly to remote mountain ranges in Austria, in order to listen to the storms of the Sahara via VLF (very low frequency radio). What is visible in Vienna only beco- mes audible in the Alps. In this way, unexpected spatial conditions come to light.

With the help of a ‚Very Low Frequency‘ (VLF) radio it is possible to acoustically capture storms over 3000 km away in the Sahara. Due to its low electromagnetic pollution, the high plateau in the limestone Alps became the starting point of this investigation. The pro- cessed sound recordings are arranged live in the performance.

The pictorial examination is dedicated to the dust that settles on Vienna. Exploring the relationship of the dust to the surfaces on which it settles. To investigate patterns, painted surfaces of cars, as prominent carriers of dust, were shown.

Sound Performance vin collaboration with Francesco Tacoli

5.3.24 Echoraum (

Ongoing. Gefördert von der Stadt Wien Kultur

  1. Tuesday 2024/07/16


    Salt Lake Cities, Bahnhof Scharnstein Muehldorf [A]
2024/03/05Scirocco Echoraum, Vienna