The origin of the piece is a 24 hour recording I did in 2016.
The recorded Einsiedlerpark is located in 1050 Vienna.

The work examines the translation of sonic material. By translation i imply a creative process of transformation, transcription and visualisation. Translation will never be objective, it will always add or remove. The first translation happens to be the transformation of sonic waves into perceivable sounds. Also the technical process of recording itself is a transformation, depending on the amplifier, the microphone etc. Whilst listening to the recording i translate the sounds into a meaning, sound events or sound objects. A 24 hour recording enfolds the loop of one day. The demographic or technical conditions, the history or the context of the sounds of a certain locality reveal the cultural tale. The following work is the result of translating an eight minute part of the recording to text, sound drawings and sound objects. This work is a mix of strategies. I imitate single sound objects with synthesizers, a violin and acoustic objects and spread the initial recording to more than 60 different channels assigned to different Bandpass Filters.

Spatialisation: One or two speakers in the middle of the room pointing to the ceiling.
8 or more speakers as far on the outside of the room as possible.

    2017/12/03Einsiedlerpark Echoraum, Vienna
    2016/12/02SOUNDS AROUND ME Academy of fine Arts Vienna