A Certain Trio

Live Improvisation project of Marcin Morga, Eugene Ignashev and Frederic Stritter.

  • Marcin
    • No Input Mixer
    • Voice and various Effect Pedals
  • Eugene
    • Lyra
    • Acoustic Objects and Electronic
  • Frederic
    • Arp 2600
    • Voice
    • Electromagnetic Pick Up and Electronics

Instruments may vary.

    2020/12/11A Certain Trio Alte Schmiede, Vienna
    2020/09/10A Certain Trio Ars Electronica 2020 SOUND CAMPUS, Linz
    2020/02/20A Certain Trio Venster 99, Vienna
    2019/10/31A Certain Trio Soundlabor - academy of fine arts, Vienna
    2019/06/27A Certain Trio Fluc, Wien
    2019/05/18A Certain Trio Kramladen, Wien