A Certain Trio

Live Improvisation project of Marcin Morga, Eugene Ignashev and Frederic Stritter.

A Certain Trio (ACT) is a music and sound-art performance union based in Vienna consisting of Evgenii Ignashev, Marcin Morga, and Frederic Stritter. Trio’s work incorporates concepts of free improvisation with artistic, social and somatic concepts and practices such as ‘The Discipline of Do Easy’, the cut-up technique, Dada, and others.

Photo: Christiano Tekirdali
    2020/12/11A Certain Trio Alte Schmiede, Vienna
    2020/09/10A Certain Trio Ars Electronica 2020 SOUND CAMPUS, Linz
    2020/02/20A Certain Trio Venster 99, Vienna
    2019/10/31A Certain Trio Soundlabor - Akademie der bildenden Künste, Vienna
    2019/06/27A Certain Trio Fluc, Vienna
    2019/05/18A Certain Trio Kramladen, Vienna